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      Services available to carpenters and artisans

      Eutree can provide specialty millwork at wholesale, trade-only pricing to designers, manufacturers of furniture and flooring. Among these services are:

      • Resaw services on material up to 14-inch wide: Cut down those large beams into usable lumber.
      • Straight-line, laser-assisted rip services: Give your lumber a glue line edge for your project.
      • Kiln drying: Stabilize and add value to your lumber (subject to kiln availability).
      • Heat treating and sterilizing of reclaimed material: Kill any spiders or scorpion eggs in your barn lumber.
      • Surfacing of material up to 14-inch wide.
      • Molding and millwork: With our molding capability as wide as 14 inches, imagine flooring with a 12-inch width!
      • Total tree to flooring or furniture capability. Deliver your trees and return to pick up beautiful plank flooring or furniture.

      If you're interested in seeing whether you qualify, please email us at or call 678-575-3869.

      Download this document as PDF.