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      Magnificent slabs for special projects

      No cut of wood reveals the natural beauty of wood like an awe-inspiring slab. Eutree’s generously cut slabs showcase the magnificence and character of the source tree and are ready to use for such centerpiece projects as tables, benches and countertops.

      The artisan slab lends itself particularly to Eutree's Root-to-Fruit program. That's our term for projects that return the wood back to the property from which it came, giving it new life in the same location. We've built relationships both with tree services and with some of the finest furniture craftsmen in Georgia to help complete the Root-to-Fruit cycle.

      If you're a furniture maker or fine interior carpenter, or if you're a design professional whose projects might benefit from spectacular, Forest Free artisan slabs, we'd love to get to know you. Tell us more by using our Plan Your Project form. Or if you'd simply like to learn more about our slabs and to build a relationship with Eutree, contact Eutree's Sims Acuff at 678.575.3869 or email


      From nuisance tree to red-cedar slab bench

      A homeowner needs to cut down a magnificent deodar cedar because the roots are undermining the house's foundation. A furniture craftsmen knows there's a market for contemporary furniture incorporating slabs from prized cedar species. It's a perfect opportunity for Eutree to convert the tree into Forest Free material.